Organic Flavored EVO Oils: crafted from mechanical cold pressing and natural infusions.

In a period in which extra virgin olive oil reigned supreme and the idea of flavoring it was considered heretical by many purists, Luigi Tega decided to take a new path, challenging this consolidated convention. Taking inspiration from the Sorrento tradition, he decided to create a union between lemons and olives through an innovative pressing technique, thus obtaining a cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil flavored thanks to the peels of the best Sorrento and Sicilian lemons.

From that moment on, the recipes began to undergo a constant process of evolution. Luigi Tega, driven by his great passion for cooking, introduced new flavored oils over the years, offering a more accessible and comfortable culinary experience without ever compromising quality. Using fresh cold pressed olives and high quality extra virgin olive oil for the spice and vegetable infusions.

Cooking Made EASIER

Why choose
flavored oils?

Extra virgin olive oil infused with flavors is a versatile and delicious seasoning that can significantly enhance your everyday cooking. Here are the reasons why you should choose to use Luigi Tega flavored oil in your everyday dishes:

Flavored oil adds depth and complexity to your dishes, thanks to the fresh and intense flavors of citrus or the richness and sweetness of the spices used during the natural infusion process.

It’s easy to use and requires just a few steps. Simply add the flavored oil as a finishing touch or during the preparation of your dishes.

Thanks to the flavors and aromas already infused in the oil, you can save time in the preparation of many dishes. For example, by using garlic-infused oil, you can quickly make garlic and oil pasta without the need for the traditional sautéing step; just cook the pasta and season it with our oil.

You can use flavored oil to enhance a wide range of dishes, including pasta, salads, bruschetta, meat, fish, and vegetables.

Luigi Tega flavored oils represent a healthier choice compared to other condiments, as they are free from salt, sugar, and preservatives. Incorporating them into your diet means introducing beneficial fats and nutritional components found in extra virgin olive oil.

Nearly all our flavored oils, especially the organic condiments, are certified organic and produced naturally through cold-pressing or infusion in extra virgin olive oil.

Our flavored oils are an excellent culinary choice for those who want to enhance the flavors of their everyday dishes in a simple and tasty way, adding a touch of originality and creativity to their cooking.