Limone di Sicilia

Limone di Sicilia

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In cooking it is probably the second most used ingredient after salt. Lemon is not a seasonal ingredient as it is available all year round thanks to numerous international variations. However, when lemons are in season it is worth focusing on Italian ones, and in particular those from Sicily, which are characterized by their sweetness and their enveloping scent.


Organic extra virgin olive oil, organic lemon

Production Technique

Simultaneous co-pressing of olives and lemons

The lemon flavored oil is an explosion of citrus freshness on the palate, with a lively taste that recalls freshly squeezed lemon juice, accompanied by a slightly acidic sweetness. The scent is sweetly inviting, with intense lemon notes dominating and a subtle herbaceous hint completing the aroma.

The history of lemon oil originates in the tradition of the Sorrento region, where it was customary to use lemons at the end of the oil season to clean the machines and the related mechanical parts that remained dirty with oil, using the juice and the lemon essential oil. Once the cleaning process was completed, a little oil always escaped from the final separator which was naturally soaked and flavored with lemon. Inspired by this technique interpreted in a modern key with the use of the most advanced extraction technologies, the lemon flavored organic oil became the first flavored oil produced by the Tega oil mill and is still the bestselling product today thanks to its fresh and inebriating aroma , typical of the best Sicilian lemons.

Where do the organic lemons come from to create our flavored oil

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Lemon citrus oil is produced primarily through the simultaneous co-pressing of olives and lemons. This process allows the oil to retain all the flavors, aromas and properties of essential oils, which are rich in vitamin C.

Food pairings

Lemon flavored oil is a versatile and refined organic condiment.
It is perfect for raw dishes such as white meats, salads, fish dishes and courgette tagliolini. It adds a fresh and aromatic touch, particularly enhancing summer flavors and giving elegance to culinary preparations.

Versatile on many fish dishes, both freshwater and freshwater how salty. Excellent with sea bream, sea bass and swordfish.

Elegant seasoning on white meats, in especially on chicken escalopes.

Ideal for use raw on fresh pasta, like egg tagliolini with courgettes.


Limone di Sicilia

Available in the sizes: 0,25 L