Luigi Tega

Who we are

A family story. A story of strength and rebirth.
The passion for details that make the difference.

Luigi Tega is a company with roots in the past but with an innovative vision that offers the best extra virgin olive oils with the most exciting and unconventional flavors. We are a team of experts who have created exceptional, highest quality oils acclaimed and appreciated by thousands of customers on three continents. From the olive harvest to production, from bottling to distribution, our commitment to quality is absolute.

Innovative products

We deliver on the promise of exceptional aroma, modern design and exciting flavors.

Organic products

Choosing organic means committing to sustainable agricultural practices, products free of pesticides and GMOs, olive groves treated with respect and a more conscious choice for our health and the environment.

An oil for every taste

Our wide range of high-quality oils is the result of a constant commitment to innovation and improvement, combined with a passion for discovering new tastes and flavor combinations.

A world of tastes

In the world of high-class aromatic oils, tradition meets innovation. With natural ingredients and innovative methods, we offer a dining experience without compromising on quality.
Discover the authentic taste of excellence.

Our knowledge is dedicated to the creation of oils with a traditional flavor and also those with a new and original taste. The latter are obtained thanks to our knowledge of the natural aromas derived from the best fruits, spices and vegetables, through infusions and co-fragiration. For over 70 years we have been constantly working to reinvent our oil mill and make this experience ever more exciting.

The care we put into the development and production of our highest quality oil products is evident. We share our creations through our store and partners around the world. Our passion and commitment to quality and innovation are the driving forces that guide us and allow us to satisfy the needs of every palate.

Luigi Tega’s incessant creative ambition is the search for harmony as an objective in excellence. From this perspective, every milling process is subjected to rigid constraints. We constantly strive to obtain first-rate extra virgin olive oil, selecting the best olives with dedication, facing every adversity and even giving up the production of a year if the fruit does not reach the high quality standards we set ourselves.

Taste and health on the table

We believe in a world where choosing the highest quality ingredients is the norm and where health and taste are at the center of every food choice. A world in which our oils become true protagonists of every table.

We are inspired by the vision of a world in which attention to the choice of high-quality extra virgin and flavored oils becomes a lifestyle. We dream of spreading the culture of good taste and healthy eating through our products, which will no longer be simple condiments, but true protagonists of any table. We believe that choosing the highest quality ingredients is the key to a healthy and balanced lifestyle, and we want this approach to become a conscious and widespread choice. Our vision is to create a world where choosing high-quality oils is the norm, not the exception, and where health and taste are at the heart of every food choice.


Awards and recognitions

These awards demonstrate our commitment to producing fine oils, created with the utmost care and attention.

Let's start from the origins

The Tega family boasts a history spanning more than 70 years, which tells of generations of oil mill workers and how it is still possible to pass on the love for nature and the territory.


It all began with Luigi Tega, also known as "Gigetto", who in 1946 purchased an ancient oil mill that remained unused during the Second World War. The activity was immediately resumed, with the aim of supplying olive oil to the surrounding area, which lacked food and basic necessities.


Giuseppe Tega, Luigi's son, had an enlightening idea: to create and spread the first label abroad, especially for the English market, called "Basilica". This oil was characterized by a spicy taste obtained from the first olives of the season, which gave the oil that typical green color that precedes maturation.


The company received a new boost when Luigi, named in honor of his grandfather, joined his father, Giuseppe. The activity continued by constantly introducing new products and focusing on quality, challenging the paradigm that oil was only a basic necessity product devoid of refinements.


For the Tega family, the production of extra virgin olive oil was more than just a trade: it was a lifestyle, a tradition handed down from generation to generation. Over time, they have diligently perfected the production process, from the careful selection of olive varieties to the precise moment of harvest, monitoring every single step during production in the mill.


The company stood out for its creativity by introducing the first flavored oils, obtained through mechanical methods such as the co-pressing of lemons and olives or the natural infusion of spices and vegetables into extra virgin olive oil.


A serious earthquake hit Umbria, heavily damaging the city of Foligno and the home of the Tega family, located right above the oil mill. However, thanks to the sturdy 16th century structure, the oil mill remained miraculously intact. During the reconstruction, Luigi Tega did not limit himself only to the house, but invested significantly in renovating the oil mill, bringing something even better out of the rubble. This occasion gave new impetus to an activity that had operated in that place for four centuries.


The commitment of Luigi Tega, grandson of the founder of the same name, and the Tega family to the art of oil gained a loyal following over the years. Their extra virgin olive oil became a favorite of many chefs and food enthusiasts, recognized in prestigious publications and winner of numerous national and international awards.


In 2023, the serene and austere beauty of the oil mill and the spiritual legacy that permeates that place continue to fuel Luigi Tega's creative vision. His tireless pursuit of perfection and the careful selection of the best varieties of olives and raw materials translate into an unparalleled oil, which reveals impeccable quality and an unmistakable flavour. With an eye always turned to innovation, Luigi Tega is committed to satisfying those who love and appreciate good food, always offering a product that exceeds all expectations.