How to store properly our oils

Extra virgin olive oil is a living organism in continuous evolution, influenced by storage conditions, variety of olives and shape of the bottle.

Extra virgin olive oil is an authentic living organism, which evolves over time. In addition to storage conditions, which directly influence the evolution of the oil and its quality, the variety of olives and the shape of the bottle can also play a significant role in the long-term preservation of the oil.

As for extra virgin oils, it is advisable to use them within the first year of harvesting. However, some oils that are particularly intense and rich in polyphenols could maintain their characteristics almost unchanged even after more than a year.

Prolonging the storage of bottles could cause significant changes in flavour, color and aroma. Therefore, the final result could be completely different from what the manufacturer intended to express and share with consumers.

Sunlight can damage extra virgin olive oil as it contains ultraviolet radiation capable of triggering a series of chemical reactions that alter the composition of the oil. In this way, a photo-oxidation process occurs which causes the breakdown of the oil molecules and the generation of unwanted chemical substances, such as free radicals, which can further compromise the quality of the oil. For this reason, clear glass bottles are avoided in favor of dark ones.

Heat can accelerate the oxidation process of the oil and promote its aging, leading to the breakdown of its molecules and the formation of chemical substances harmful to health, such as transesterified fatty acids and aldehydes, which compromise its quality and reduce the healthiness for human consumption. We therefore recommend storing the oil at an average temperature of around 18° degrees so that its organoleptic and nutritional properties remain unaltered.

Extra virgin olive oil, as well as flavored oils, must be protected from the air, since the oxygen present in it can accelerate the oxidation process of the oil. This chemical phenomenon involves the breaking of the oil molecules and the loss of some of its precious organoleptic properties, such as flavour, aroma and colour. To this end, it is advisable to close the package once used, so as to guarantee maximum protection for the oil.