Peperoncino Rosso

Peperoncino Rosso

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Centuries ago, the use and consumption of chilli pepper spread mainly through poor cuisine, as it managed to give dishes a flavor that they otherwise did not possess, sometimes even improving it. Today, spices and food of all kinds are abundant on every corner, but chili pepper continues to be widely appreciated: when infused in oil, the two ingredients can be considered a powerful concentrate of polyphenols.


Organic extra virgin olive oil, natural organic chili pepper extract

Production Technique

Simultaneous co-pressing of olives and chili peppers or through an infusion with organic natural extracts of the latter in organic extra virgin olive oil.

The extra virgin olive oil flavored with chilli pepper offers an intense and harmonious tasting experience. At the beginning, a light sweetness is perceived followed by a controlled gradation of spiciness, which develops in a balanced way. The fruity and herbaceous notes of extra virgin olive oil, enriched by the natural shades of spicy chilli pepper, blend elegantly with the lively flavor of chilli pepper, creating a satisfying and persistent taste balance. This fruity oil with natural notes of spicy chilli pepper is an oil with a strong flavor that hardly forgives the most delicate palates.

Where do the organic chili peppers come from to create our oil.

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By co-pressing and infusing natural organic chili pepper extract in extra virgin olive oil, a flavored oil is obtained that absorbs the aroma of the chili pepper, giving the oil its characteristic fiery red color and a pleasantly lively flavour. This combination of high-quality olive oil and organic chilli creates a special seasoning that adds a touch of intensity to any dish.

Where to use it

The chilli pepper, through co-pressing and infusion, enriches the flavor of the EVO oil, as well as that of the dishes that are seasoned with it.

Versatile on many red meats, especially grilled pork, served with peppers.

Perfect for seasoning pasta with tomato sauce, and highly recommended for enhancing the taste of amatriciana.

Ideal for flavoring red pizzas, adding a lively and distinctive touch.


Peperoncino Rosso

Available in the sizes: 0,25 L