Cipolla Rossa

Cipolla Rossa

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The red onion, in addition to making many dishes special, has an important impact on health: with its characteristic “layered” composition, this vegetable is a concentrate of nutritional and therapeutic properties.
Flavonoids are natural antioxidants present in large quantities in onions. If you are a lover of extra virgin olive oil, red onion and high quality organic products, Luigi Tega’s Red Onion flavored oil is the right choice.


Organic extra virgin olive oil, organic red onion

Production Technique

Natural infusion of red onions in extra virgin olive oil

The extra virgin olive oil flavored with red onion embodies these distinctive characteristics thanks to the use of onions of a sweet and delicate variety, which pleasantly evoke the refinement of caramelized onion. Compared to other onion varieties, these onions provide a milder and sweeter flavor, thus helping to create a balanced and refined flavor profile in the oil. The careful choice of these onions is what allows us to obtain a well-measured sweetness, without exceeding in intensity, and contributes to the harmonious fusion with the extra virgin oil, giving a unique character to the overall sensorial experience.

Where do the organic red onions come from to create our spiced oil.

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Through the infusion of organic red onions in organic extra virgin olive oil, a flavored oil is obtained that absorbs the fragrances and all the beneficial properties present within its layers, offering a unique culinary experience and giving a delicious flavor to decisive but harmonious traits.

Where to use it

The onion, and thus the EVO oil, used for centuries, play a fundamental role in giving a touch of inimitable flavor to the dishes of traditional and international cuisine.

Excellent choice for seasoning raw on white and red pizzas, to be enjoyed together with a refreshing mug of beer.

Perfect for elevating the flavor of different pastas, adding an extra touch to tomato sauces.

Excellent on any variety of salad, both fresh and summer. Very recommended to use in panzanella.

Ideal to use to prepare delicious bruschetta surrounded by cherry tomatoes.


Cipolla Rossa

Available in the sizes: 0,25 L