Mandarino Verde

Mandarino Verde

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The green mandarin is a typical fruit of the cold seasons and its properties can be appreciated especially between December and March. Mandarin, the only sweet fruit of the citrus family, is a true concentrate of well-being thanks to the numerous beneficial substances present in the juice and peel.


Extra virgin olive oil, green mandarin

Tecnica di produzione

Simultaneous co-pressing of olives and mandarins

Green mandarin flavored oil is a harmonious fusion between extra virgin olive oil and the fresh and inebriating scent of green mandarin. The first hint is sweet, almost reminiscent of a just tasted candy. On the palate, the sweetness is accompanied by a lively citrus vivacity, offering a fresh and fruity sensation.

Originally the real name of the green mandarin is miyagawa and it is a citrus fruit of Chinese origin which has recently also been cultivated in Italy, particularly in Sicily. The miyagawa are harvested when their skin is still green and gradually tends to yellow and turn towards orange, just like the classic mandarin, it proves to be the ideal oil for lovers of citrus flavors in the winter and what makes the The difference in Luigi Tega oil is the careful selection of the best green mandarins towards the end of the olive oil season.

Where do the green mandarins come from to create our citrus oil.

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Being a fruit that begins to ripen in December, green mandarin flavored oil is the last citrus oil to be produced. It is mainly made through the simultaneous co-pressing of olives and mandarins. The result is a flavored oil that retains all the flavours, aromas and properties of the essential oils present in the peel, rich in vitamin C, vitamin A and group B vitamins together with many mineral salts such as calcium and potassium, real pass-partouts of well-being.

Where to use it

Green mandarin flavored oil is the perfect choice for seasoning or preparing sweet dishes.

Perfect for creating or seasoning ice creams, giving a sweet and intensely fragrant taste.

Ideal for preparing desserts instead of butter to prepare delicious chocolate brownies.


Mandarino Verde

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