Rosmarino di Campo

Rosmarino di Campo

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Rosemary can be considered the king of aromatic plants, a true heavyweight when it comes to antioxidants. Its notable digestive and toning properties combine harmoniously with extra virgin olive oil, creating a unique concentrate of flavor and well-being. Luigi Tega’s rosemary flavored oil perfectly captures the fragrance and genuine taste of rosemary grown naturally in the fields of central Italy.


Organic extra virgin olive oil, natural rosemary extract

Production Technique

Infusion of natural rosemary extract in organic extra virgin olive oil

Rosemary flavored extra virgin olive oil combines the intense flavor of olive oil with the fresh, herbaceous aroma of rosemary. At first, you can smell the inviting scent of rosemary followed by a sweet and fragrant taste. The persistent herbaceous note of rosemary blends harmoniously with the oil, creating a clean and aromatic finish.

Where the rosemary we use to create our oil grows.

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Through the infusion of natural rosemary extract in organic extra virgin olive oil, a flavored oil is obtained that absorbs the fragrances and all the antioxidant properties contained in rosemary. This combination creates an oil with an enveloping aroma and distinctive taste, which adds a touch of freshness and vitality to every dish.

Where to use it

Luigi Tega’s organic wild rosemary dressing enhances the flavors of typical Mediterranean cuisine and beyond.

Versatile and essential on a wide range of fish-based dishes, both fresh and salt water.

Perfect for enriching the flavor of chops, sausages and pork neck steaks.

Elegant dressing on delicate meats such as chicken and turkey.

Perfect pairing both raw and cooked on any type of potato, both boiled and baked.


Rosmarino di Campo

Available in the sizes: 0,25 L