Pompelmo Rosa

Pompelmo Rosa

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Those who don’t particularly like the bitter taste of classic grapefruits can choose pink grapefruit flavored oil, characterized by sweet nuances, excellent for marinating fish and seafood salads or for preparing desserts.


Extra virgin olive oil, pink grapefruit

Production Technique

Simultaneous co-pressing of olives and grapefruits

Pink grapefruit flavored oil offers a surprising experience: it begins with a sweetness typical of grapefruit, which then fades into a light bitterness, leaving a persistent sensation of numbness on the palate. In the case of Luigi Tega oil, the bitterness is balanced, preserving the natural antioxidants of the pink grapefruit peel. It is an ideal complement to fish dishes, adding freshness without excessive bitterness.

Where do pink grapefruits come from to create our citrus oil.

Data sheet


Grapefruit citrus oil is made primarily through the simultaneous co-pressing of olives and pink grapefruits. The result is an olive oil that retains all the flavors and properties of the essential oils present in the peel, rich in antioxidants and vitamin C, which, together with the polyphenols present in the oil, bring great benefits for our health.

Where to use it

Pink grapefruit flavored oil is a special option that brings freshness and uniqueness, especially to seafood dishes.

To be used raw to enrich the flavor of baked mackerel, completed with pink peppercorns.

Excellent on raw seafood such as prawns, shellfish and oysters, accompanied with champagne.


Pompelmo Rosa

Available in the sizes: 0,25 L