Aglio Rosso

Aglio Rosso

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Although today garlic no longer represents a deterrent against witches and vampires, it undoubtedly remains a winning ace in the kitchen. Luigi Tega’s spicy red garlic oil embodies an authentic culinary delight, the result of a meticulous production process. Red garlic, grown according to strict organic farming principles, is carefully selected and infused according to our unique recipe into a superior quality extra virgin olive oil. The result is an extraordinary organic condiment that gives dishes a unique and irresistible touch.


Organic extra virgin olive oil, organic garlic

Production Technique

Natural infusion of red garlic bulbs in extra virgin olive oil

Luigi Tega’s garlic flavored oil upsets a deep-rooted tradition, since garlic, often underestimated due to its aggressive and persistent flavour, is masterfully reinterpreted in this ORGANIC condiment. In its perfume, there is a harmony of sweetness that enchants the sense of smell, while on the palate, the distinctive character of garlic is firmly outlined, a pleasure that even the most refined palates will be able to appreciate.

Where we source organic red garlic to create our oil.

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Through a natural infusion of garlic bulbs in high quality extra virgin olive oil, the resulting oil reverberates the peculiar complementary nuances of the main garlic variety used: red garlic. This choice gives the oil a distinctive and intense aromatic profile, thanks to the rich presence of allicin and essential oils naturally present inside the bulbs.

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Where to use it

Luigi Tega’s red garlic flavored oil is the perfect solution to elevate your everyday cooking. A high quality touch to make every dish special and delicious

Versatile on many meat dishes, both red and white, grilled or roasted.

Perfect for preparing a delicious and quick pasta with garlic and oil without the need to sauté.

Perfect for enriching a variety of bruschettas, following the typical Italian tradition of “bread, garlic and oil”.


Aglio Rosso

Available in the sizes: 0,25 L