Arancia Rossa

Arancia Rossa

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Oranges are sweet fruits with almost intoxicating floral aromas, widely used for a wide range of products, ranging from spirits and liqueurs to fruit juices and jams. Limiting the use of oranges only to these products would be a shame. It is precisely for this reason that Luigi Tega’s orange flavored oil was created, to fully enhance the unique characteristics of this extraordinary fruit.


Extra virgin olive oil, blood orange

Production Technique

Simultaneous co-pressing of olives and oranges

The orange citrus oil, together with the lemon citrus oil, represents one of the strong points in the range of flavored oils from the Tega oil mill. Thanks to a well-balanced recipe, a perfect union is obtained between extra virgin olive oil and the best Italian blood oranges, giving the oil a unique aromatic profile, in which an intense, fresh and lively aroma of blood orange is perceived. On the palate, the citrus sweetness mixes harmoniously with the delicate bitterness of the olive oil, creating a pleasant balance.

Where do the blood oranges come from to create our citrus oil.

Data sheet


Blood orange flavored oil is mainly produced through the simultaneous co-pressing of olives and oranges. The result is an olive oil that retains all the flavors and properties of the oils present in the orange peel, rich in antioxidants and vitamin C.

Where to use it

Until a few years ago, orange oil was mainly associated with desserts, but recently it has also acquired renewed interest as a condiment for savory dishes.

Ideal to use raw on freshwater fish dishes such as trout or river salmon.

The perfect finishing touch to enrich winter salads based on oranges, walnuts and fennel.

Perfect substitute for conventional saturated fats to prepare exquisite desserts with dark chocolate.


Arancia Rossa

Available in the sizes: 0,25 L