Basilico Fresco

Basilico Fresco

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Basil is incredibly versatile in the kitchen, a must in both Mediterranean and international gastronomy. In Italy, its importance is such that many families grow a plant on the balcony, in front of the window or even in the vegetable garden. If you miss basil, Luigi Tega offers immediate help with the perfect fusion of excellent organic extra virgin olive oil and the fine aroma of the best organic basil plants from central Italy.


Organic extra virgin olive oil, fresh organic basil

Production Technique

Natural infusion of fresh basil leaves in extra virgin olive oil

The basil flavored oil is a true riot of freshness and spring scents. The olfactory notes reveal the intense aroma of freshly harvested basil, with herbaceous and slightly sweet hints. On the palate, there is a pleasant explosion of flavour, with the basil giving a vibrant and aromatic flavour. Its consistency is velvety, enveloping, and leaves a fresh and persistent aftertaste.

Where we get fresh organic basil to create our oil.

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Through the infusion of fresh basil leaves in extra virgin olive oil, an extraordinary olive oil is obtained which absorbs the fragrances and all the precious beneficial properties contained in basil. This combination creates an oil with an intoxicating aroma and rich taste, which adds a touch of freshness to every dish. In addition to being a delight for the palate, this oil also retains the healthy properties associated with basil, offering an additional benefit for our cuisine and our well-being.

Where to use it

The fresh basil flavored oil has become a real “must-have” for those who have chosen to use Luigi Tega oils in their daily cooking.

Perfect to accompany red pizzas, especially on the traditional margherita pizza.

Ideal condiment on simple pasta dishes such as pasta with tomato sauce.

Excellent in combination with capresi, particularly with bufala mozzarella from Campania.


Basilico Fresco

Available in the sizes: 0,25 L