Cipolla di Cannara

Cipolla di Cannara

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The notorious Cannara onion comes from the renowned Umbrian land, a symbol of taste and quality. By combining it with our extra virgin olive oil, we have created an aromatic condiment that embodies the excellence of our region. An authentic and unforgettable tasting experience, a tribute to the Umbrian culinary tradition.


Extra virgin olive oil, Cannara onion

Production Technique

Natural infusion of golden Cannara onion in extra virgin olive oil

The taste of Cannara Onion flavored oil is an experience of sweetness and delicacy. It is this sweetness that makes us opt for the golden onion, the ideal variety for infusion in oil. At the first taste, there is a harmonious symphony of soft and enveloping flavours, with a flavor profile that touches the palate with a sweet caress. The oil captures the aromatic complexity of the onion, giving the dish a sweet, almost caramelized, and enveloping flavour, which adds a touch of refinement and uniqueness to every culinary preparation.

The thousand-year-old cultivation of the Cannara onion has its roots as far back as the 1500s, with documentary traces ascertained in the 1800s. The secret of this delicacy lies in the sandy-loamy soil of Cannara, characterized by a gentle slope and a lake origin. This conformation facilitates excellent drainage and is combined with a ventilated microclimate, essential for the growth of onions protected from parasites, and the abundant presence of water which favors their cultivation.
These elements make up an extraordinary stage in which this jewel of Umbrian agriculture comes to life, representing the most important and well-known typical local product of the Cannara area, so much so that it has been the subject, since 1981, of the now famous Cannara Onion Festival.

Where we get the golden onions to create our oil.

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The infusion of golden onions in extra virgin olive oil produces a flavored oil that completely absorbs the fragrances and precious properties present in its layers. The sweetness and delicacy of the onion pulp blend perfectly with the extra virgin olive oil, impeccably transferring its characteristics and best aromas to the oil.

Where to use it

The Cannara onion has absolutely unique and excellent properties and qualities that have enchanted even great nationally renowned chefs.

Excellent choice for seasoning raw on white and red pizzas, to be enjoyed together with a refreshing mug of beer.

Perfect for elevating the flavor of different pastas, adding an extra touch to tomato sauces.

Excellent on any variety of salad, both fresh and summer. Very recommended for preparing panzanella.

Ideal to use to prepare delicious bruschetta surrounded by cherry tomatoes.


Cipolla di Cannara

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