Explore next evolution
of FLAVORED oils

Born from the desire to dare, Taste+ oils embody Luigi Tega’s vision regarding the ultimate purpose of extra virgin olive oil: to elevate and enhance the flavor of every dish in which it is used.

These oils represent the culmination of this idea, in which the harmonious combination of extra virgin olive oil, spices and citrus fruits results in an excellent quality, one-of-a-kind flavored organic oil that delights the palate and contributes to well-being.

An exaltation of taste

This innovative alternative to conventional sauces and condiments loaded with artificial additives finds its ideal place within the Mediterranean diet, known for its health benefits. Taste+ oils are perfect for enhancing the four main categories of dishes – Meat, Pasta, Fish and Salad – that each of us consumes at least once a day following this eating style.

Why choose TASTE+

Whether used for marinating, seasoning or simply adding a touch of flavor, Taste+ oils marry naturally with the balanced, nutrient-rich nutritional approach of the Mediterranean diet.

The combination of aromas in the oil amplifies the sensory experience, giving a unique taste journey that caresses the palate with a symphony of flavors, enriching every bite.

It is easy to use and requires just a few steps. Simply add the flavored oil as a final dressing on one of the four dishes.

You can use flavored oil to flavor a wide range of dishes, including pasta, salads, bruschetta, meat, fish and vegetables.

Taste+ Luigi Tega oils represent a healthier choice than other condiments, being free of salt, sugar and preservatives. Using them in your diet means introducing beneficial fats and nutritional components contained in extra virgin olive oil.

All our taste+ oils are certified organic and are produced naturally through co-pressing or infusion in organic extra virgin olive oil.