Extra virgin olive oil
Colle dell’Eremita

Colle dell’Eremita

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The Grand Cru Colle dell’Eremita comes from the meticulous harvest of Moraiolo olives in the second ten days of October. To create this fine oil, we use a production method inspired by monastic practices, but with a modern touch thanks to advanced oil technologies. The rapid extraction through low or almost no malaxing creates an extra virgin oil of exceptional quality and rich in polyphenols.

Year of Production


Harvest Period

Second decade of October. Very rare cases in the third decade

Crushing System

Continuous cycle plant equipped with variable speed knife crusher with vertical vacuum kneading with very low, almost absent, kneading levels


Average Acidity 0,18% – 0,22%


The Grand Cru Colle dell’Eremita is a monocultivar oil of Moraiolo olives, produced during the second ten days of October. This oil finds its roots in the frugal practices of hermit monks, who, driven by faith, chose to retreat to remote and inaccessible places. Despite the presence of the surrounding olive groves, the isolation that characterized these ascetics prevented the extraction of olive oil through traditional mills. To overcome this challenge, they used a mortar carved into stone into which they pressed the olives. This method, although primitive and with a very modest production, produced an oil of exceptional quality, as handed down in local legends.

This oil is characterized by extraordinary intensity, with a fresh bouquet rich in herbaceous notes. However, its strength is balanced by a surprising harmony, with a flavor profile that develops gradually and uniformly, without imbalances or excesses. In short, an oil with a bold but refined character, which can express itself with elegance and complexity even minutes after tasting.

Data sheet
Flos Olei
Oli d’Italia Gambero Rosso
Slow Food
  • 2012: 97/100
  • 2015: 97/100
  • 2012: 3/3 Foglie
  • 2014: 3/3 Foglie
  • 2016: 3/3 Foglie
  • 2018: 2/3 Hearts
  • 2020: 2/3 Hearts
  • 2010: 5 Gocce
  • 2019: 5 Gocce
  • 2023: 5 Gocce
  • 2011: 2 Olives
  • 2019: Grande Olio


Today Luigi Tega, rediscovering and honoring the ancestral technique of the hermits, interprets this production with the most advanced oil technologies. Through low intensity or even no malaxing, a complex and exceptional quality extra virgin oil is obtained, with a high content of polyphenols. This Moraiolo monocultivar, produced patiently and with the utmost attention, testifies to the pinnacle of our mastery: bearing the name and with it the legacy of those hermit monks who were its first pioneers.

Food Pairings

Being an oil rich in polyphenols, Colle dell’Eremita leaves an indelible mark on the palate thanks to its bitter, spicy and decisive but not aggressive taste. Just like a red wine rich in tannins, this oil fits perfectly with red meat dishes such as sliced beef and veal fillet.


Colle dell’Eremita

Available in the sizes: 0,25 L, 0,50 L