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Bio Selection

Bio Selection

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The BIO selection is an extra virgin oil obtained from olives harvested early, when they are still green and have just started to ripen. This early harvest produces an extra virgin oil with low acidity and high content of polyphenols, beneficial antioxidant substances. The olives used for the Bio selection grow according to organic agricultural principles, with natural and sustainable methods, avoiding pesticides and synthetic fertilizers.

Year of Production


Harvest Period

Second and third decade of october

Crushing system

Continuous cycle plant equipped with variable speed knife crusher with vertical vacuum kneading


Average acidity 0,22% – 0,28%


Considered almost as an organic version of our namesake Lirys, this oil represents our commitment to the production of organic oil and the promotion of a healthy and sustainable lifestyle for all. Individually, it knows how to assert itself thanks to its unique characteristics. Bio Selection is the leader among all our products which stand out for their reduced environmental impact, without however compromising the taste of tradition. Ideal for those looking for a superior quality organic product, this oil stands out for its strong but harmonious and pleasant taste characteristics.

Bio Selection oil is a real concert of aromas and flavors, where the fresh fruity aroma is accompanied by the sweetness of the almond notes and the freshness of the cut grass. On the palate, you can sense the inebriating aroma of aromatic herbs that blend perfectly with the intense and decisive nuance of the artichoke, all enhanced by a light spicy and bitter note that gives the taste a unique and inimitable character.

Data sheet
Slow Food
Athena international Olive Oil Competition
Premio Nazionale L’oro d’Italia
  • 2019: 5 Gocce
  • :
  • 2020: Grande Olio
  • 2018: Gold Medal
  • 2016: 2/3 Hearts
  • 2016: 92/100
  • 2019: 87/100
  • 2016: Gold Medal
  • 2018: Silver organic
  • 2016: 3° Premio con lode di eccellenza

“Despite being a relatively young oil, having been part of the EVO collection for only a few decades, Bio Selection stands out as an extra virgin olive oil of extraordinary prestige, decorated with numerous national and international awards.”

Where to use it

Bio Selection is the secret of every refined and refined dish, where the choice of an organic product of the highest quality makes the difference. This oil with fruity notes and a velvety consistency is suitable for enriching steaming legume soups, tuna carpaccio with an inebriating freshness, mushroom salads with a strong flavour, cuts of red meat with a succulent consistency, grilled vegetables with an unmistakable fragrance and broccoli creams with creamy and enveloping taste. A true symphony of flavors that leaves an indelible memory in the mouth.


Bio Selection

Available in the sizes: 0,25 L, 0,50 L, 3 L, 5 L