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Olio del Cardinale

Olio del Cardinale

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The Cardinale’s Oil is the most emblematic extra virgin olive oil of the company, the result of the wise experience of Luigi Tega since 1946. This oil is obtained from a careful selection of the best local cultivars such as Moraiolo, Leccino and Frantoio, harvested at the right level of ripeness and pressed as quickly as possible in order to obtain a perfect and unparalleled oil.

Year of Production


Harvest Period

From the second ten days of October until the second ten days of November

Crushing System

Continuous cycle plant equipped with variable speed knife crusher with vertical vacuum kneading


Average Acidity 0,25% – 0,30%


There was a small village on the edge of a hill, where very high quality olive oil had been produced for centuries. This oil, with a balanced and intense flavour, was known as “the cardinals’ oil” and had conquered the tables of the most prestigious courts.
Legend has it that a group of cardinals, passing through the area, stopped to taste the local oil. It was love at first sight and they decided to buy large quantities of it to take it with them to Rome.
The prestige of the papal court in Rome, the only place where the cardinals’ oil could be found, contributed to the diffusion of the product, to the point of making it a true symbol of culinary excellence. The name “Cardinale’s Oil”, was given in honor of those cardinals who were its first ambassadors.

Cardinal Oil is characterized by a medium fruity taste characterized by a progressive spicy, balanced and pleasant sensation, with a pleasantly bitter aftertaste. The olfactory profile, however, medium intense, is characterized by vegetal notes that recall the freshness of freshly cut grass.

Data sheet
Flos Olei
Slow Food
Oli d’Italia Gambero Rosso
Premio Nazionale L’oro d’Italia
Der Feinschmecker
  • 2016: 97/100
  • 2017: 97/100
  • 2018: 97/100
  • 2019: 97/100
  • 2020: 97/100
  • 2023: 98/100
  • 2007: 5 Gocce
  • 2010: 5 Gocce
  • 2016: 5 Gocce
  • 2017: 5 Gocce
  • 2019: 5 Gocce
  • 2020: 5 Gocce
  • 2009: 3 Olives
  • 2016: 2/3 Foglie
  • 2023: 3/3 Foglie
  • 2016: 3° Prize with excellence
  • 2016: 2/3 Hearts
  • 2014: One of the best EVO oils in the world


…”A great extra virgin olive oil that represents the right compromise between the personality of its splendid aromas, the balance on the palate and the great versatility in the dish, which allows it to be used as an oil “throughout the meal” as well as to enhance specific flavours. Furthermore, it has a beautiful bright color that enriches the colors of the dishes and a comfortable and elegant bottle, ideal for bringing to the table” …

Guide Gambero Rosso

Where to use it

Its balanced flavor enriches and enhances the taste of every dish, in particular salads and cooked vegetables, but also legumes and soups. This oil pairs harmoniously with white meats, white pasta or pasta with sauce, and fish dishes, giving an unforgettable tasting experience. Even today, Cardinal Oil is a classy choice, sought after by gourmets and chefs around the world. Its history, linked to the papal courts of Rome, has become legend, while its inimitable flavor continues to conquer the palates of all those who taste it.


Olio del Cardinale

Available in the sizes: 0,25 L, 0,50 L, 0,75 L, 3 L, 5 L