Basil oil

The great versatility of basil in cooking makes this plant indispensable in Mediterranean and international cuisine. In Italy it is so necessary that, in many homes, there is never a lack of a plant grown in a pot in front of the kitchen window or on the balcony or, in the most fortunate cases, in the home garden. If one day you are really unlucky and without even a basil leaf, Luigi Tega immediately runs to your aid, giving you the perfect combination of Cardinal's oil and the aroma of the best basil plants in central Italy


Garlic is a bulbous plant related to onion and used for thousands of years both as a food and as a medicine. Often underestimated, given the overly aggressive and persistent flavor of the bulb, Luigi Tega's spiced garlic oil overturns this belief, presenting sweet notes to the nose, decisive and persistent to the taste. An oil with character that will be appreciated even by the most demanding palate.


The onion, in addition to making many dishes special, has an important impact on health: with its characteristic “layered” composition, this vegetable is a concentrate of nutritional and therapeutic properties. Flavonoids are natural antioxidants found in large quantities in onions. If you are a lover of olive oil, onion and high quality, Luigi Tega's spiced onion oil is the right choice for you.

Chili pepper

Centuries ago the use and consumption of hot peppers spread especially with poor cuisine. In fact, he was able to give foods the flavor they did not have, if not even improve it. Today, spices and food of all kinds are everywhere on the street, but chilli is still more appreciated than ever: infused into oil, together they can be considered a powerful concentrate of polyphenols.


Rosemary can be considered the king of aromatic plants, a real heavyweight in terms of antioxidants. Worthy of note are its marked digestive and toning properties which, combined with olive oil, create a unique concentrate of taste and well-being. Luigi Tega's spiced rosemary oil perfectly expresses the fragrance and simple taste of Umbrian rosemary.

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