Red Orange

Orange Flavoured Olive Oil, together with lemon citrus, is among the most popular oils in Luigi Tega's citrus range thanks to the recipe that perfectly combines the aromas of olive oil and those of the best oranges in Italy.

Bergamot from Calabria

Bergamot, thanks to its particular aroma, has often been used in perfumery and natural cosmetics. But over the years, the opportunity has arisen to further enhance this precious Calabrian fruit by blending it with the best EVO of the Luigi Tega range.

Sorrento lemon

Lemon citrus oil is certainly the most emblematic flavored oil of the Tega mill and it is no coincidence that it is the bestseller thanks to its fresh and intoxicating aroma typical of the best Italian lemons.


Citrus mandarin oil is the ideal oil for lovers of citrus flavors in winter and what makes the difference in Luigi Tega oil is the careful selection of the best Italian mandarins towards the end of the oil season.

Pink Grapefruit

Those who do not particularly like the bitter taste of classic grapefruits can choose citrus oil with pink grapefruit, characterized by sweet nuances, excellent for marinating fish and seafood salads or for the preparation of desserts.

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