Olio del Cardinale

Olio del Cardinale is the most emblematic extra virgin olive oil of the company, the result of Luigi Tega's wise experience since 1950. This oil is obtained from a careful selection of the best cultivars, harvested at the right degree of ripeness and milled the as quickly as possible in order to obtain a perfect and unparalleled oil.

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Colle dell'Eremita

Il Grand Cru Colle dell’Eremita comes from the pressing of Moraiolo variety olives from a small area above 400m above sea level, harvested during the second decade of October. To obtain this precious and precious oil available in limited quantities, a very fast extraction characterized by the absence of kneading is used.

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Lyris is a guarantee regarding the intense fruity category. It is the oil in which Luigi Tega's oil art finds its highest expression. To produce this 100% Moraiolo extra virgin olive oil, olives harvested slightly earlier than maturation are selected, during the second and third decade of October.

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